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GPLv3 Logo TRENTOOL (TRansfer ENtropy TOOLbox) is an open source GPLv3 Matlab® toolbox for the analysis of information transfer in time series data and is distributed under the GNU public license version 3 (or later). TRENTOOL provides user friendly routines for the estimation and statistical testing of transfer entropy in time series data.

NeFF Logo TRENTOOL acknowledges the support of: Research Grant NeFF LOEWE-NeFF 'Neuronale Koordination Forschungsschwerpunkt Frankfurt' (MW, RV, NP, MMZ).

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Download and Citation

Download the current version directly or go to the download page for more information. You may also view and download TRENTOOL source code at the GitHub repository.

If you use TRENTOOL in your analysis cite as:

M. Lindner, R. Vicente, V. Priesemann, M. Wibral (2011). TRENTOOL: a Matlab open source toolbox to analyse information flow in time series data with transfer entropy. BMC Neurosci., 12, p.119 (link).

Further References

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